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Below you can see our gallery of some awesome Loadouts for CS2. We offer red loadouts, yellow loadouts, green loadouts, blue loadouts and many more! Click on the symbol in the middle to get to your favourite color loadout!

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Find the perfect loadout

Find the perfect loadout on our site, we have a collection of the coolest loadouts out there, for any color you would like to have.

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All of our CS2 Loadouts are made to fit in your budget, so if you want to spend only 50$ or less, we still got something for you!

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When creating a loadout, we add links to marketplaces where you can buy the CS2 skins that you need as cheap as possible.

CS2 Skin Loadouts that are affordable

We have created the best combination of cheap CS2 skins for a full loadout that is still affordable for everyone. No matter if you only have 50$ to work with or only 20$, we got you. Check our cheap loadouts below:

Red Loadout for CS2

The Red CS2 Loadout includes cheap and more expensive red skins, you can pick the best ones.

The 50$ CS2 Loadout

You only have 50$ and want the best looking CS2 skins out there? This loadout is perfect for you!

The 100$ CS2 Loadout

The best skins you can ever get for CS2 for only 100$ all listed in this perfect loadout guide.

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