Blue CS2 Loadout

Your Loadout for CS2

blue cs2 skin loadout

Blue Collections For Your Loadout

There are many good looking blue CS2 skins that you can use for your loadout. However, there are only a few good collections to choose from. Here are the best ones:

Ocean Foam

However those skins are only available for some weapons. You can get the Blueprint for the SCAR and the USP. The Oceanic is available for the P2000 and the Mac-10. The Ocean Foam is available for the P2000 and the MP7. There are many other great blue CS2 skins but sadly there are no other good blue collections with more than one skin in it.

Blue CS2 Knives

When it comes to knives, you have many great options for your blue CS2 Loadout. There are more expensive options like the different doppler knives and less expensive options like the Bright Water and Blue Steel knives. If you don’t care about the price you should buy your favourite Doppler Sapphire, but they are really expensive. If you are looking for a more affordable option that still looks great, we suggest you to check out the Doppler Knives Phase 3 and 4. They have a black and dark-blue look that looks great in-game.