Orange CS2 Loadout

Your Loadout for CS2

Best CS2 Skins For Your Orange Loadout

There are many great orange skins if you want to have an orange loadout for CS2. The best orange skins are the Desert Eagle and the UMP | Blaze, the M4A1-S | Atomic Alloy, the USP-S | Orion and the AWP | Boom. All those skins look great if you combine your loadout with some black CS2 skins. The combination of black and orange just looks great and you will be really happy with it for a long time.

orange cs2 skin loadout

Best Looking Orange Knives

There is only real skin choice for your orange CS2 knife skin: The Fade. Fade Knives are yellow, orange and red, some are pink. The best choices for orange Fade knives are the M9 Bayonet, the Huntsman Knife and the Butterfly Knife. Our personal favourite is the Butterfly. It looks clean and has good animations, you won’t get tired of it when using it in-game. If you are rich and you can afford more than one knife, get the Butterfly Knife | Fade for the Terrorists and the M9 Bayonet | Fade for CT.

Default Pistols And Important Rifles

For the AK get the Safety Net, for the M4A1-S get the Atomic Alloy and for your AWP get the Boom. Those are the guns that you are going to use 90% of the game and they look great. After having great orange skins for all of your rifles, you should get skins for the default pistols. The best looking orange Glock-18 skin is the Reactor, which you can get for 9$ in Factory New. For your CT pistol you should play the USP-S | Orion. You can get this perfect looking orange pistol for around 20$ in FN or around 15$ for the Field-Tested one.