Purple CS2 Loadout

Your Loadout for CS2

purple cs2 loadout

Purple Skins For Your Loadout

There are many great skins that you can choose from if you want to have a purple CS2 Loadout. Purple is a flashy color for a Loadout that stands out in-game. Let’s start with the rifles.
For the AK-47 you have to good choices: The Neon Revolution and the Neon Rider. If you want to play the M4A1-S you have to get the Decimator, for the M4A4 you should go for the Dragon King. When it comes to pistols you have the best looking options. For the Glock-18 you can take either the Vogue or the Moonrise. Moving on to the CT pistols you should play the USP and get the USP-S | Target Acquired. The best purple P250 skin out there is the Vino Primo, the best Tec-9 is the Decimator, the best Five-Seven is the Violent Daimyo. You can check out most of these skins, by searching them on CSGOStash.

Best Purple CS2 Knives

For your purple knife, you can either get a Doppler Phase 2, called Pink Galaxy, or an Ultraviolett knife. Pink Galaxy knives can be really expensive, so we suggest you to take an Ultraviolett knife instead. You can mix some black CS2 skins into your purple loadout, they go well with the Ultraviolett knife.