Black CS2 Loadout

Your Loadout for CS2

black cs2 skin loadout

Best Black CS2 Skin Collections

There are some skin collections, that are great for your black CS2 Loadout. One big advantage of a black Loadout is, that you have many good skins. Only a few people chose this color, as most people prefer more vibrant colorways, so your inventory will be kind of unique with this one.

Check out these great skin collections:

Elite Build (Black/Grey with some yellow)
Redline (Black with red lines on it)
Carbon Fiber (Black, looks like Carbon)
Black Laminate (for AK and knives)
Black Sand (Black with some camo yellow and green)
Night (Pistols and knives)

Mix your Loadout with other colors

If you want to mix black skins with other colors, we suggest you mix it with yellow or red. Both colors have great skins that work for both colors, for example the Redline skins are red and black and the Fuel Injector skins are yellow and black. Also the M4A1-S Golden Coil is a great black/yellow Skin for your CS2 Loadout.

Knives for your Loadout

If you are looking for a CS2 knife for your black Loadout, you have many great options. The best looking option would be the Black Pearl Doppler, but this is so expensive, that we will ignore it on this list.
An affordable black knife skin is the Ultraviolet skin collection. It has a purple handle and a black blade. It looks really really good, the only downside is, that they are rare and expensive in Factory New. However, you can go for a MW Ultraviolet knife, it will still look great.
The second best option is the Night skin collection. It offers some nice skins for the Desert Eagle and the Glock-18 but also great knives. They are more grey than black, but they are still going to fit your loadout.