White CS2 Loadout

Your Loadout for CS2

white cs2 skin loadout

Many people choose a white loadout for the minimalist aesthetic, finishes such as the Whiteout and Printstream provide a simplistic and clean look to your guns. White is also a good canvas for sticker crafts which are highly recommended for nice playskins.

White Rifle Skins

For the rifles there are many great choices to add your white CS2 Loadout. We suggest you to play the Asiimov skin for the AK-47, the AWP and the M4A4. However, if you prefer to use the M4A1-S you have to switch to another skin. We think the M4A1-S | Printstream looks great. You can also get the Printstream for the Desert Eagle. On the other hand, for the automatic Sniper Rifles, there are no good looking white skins sadly. If you are looking for a cool combination, you can get black skins for the sniper rifles. White and black make a really cool Loadout together.

Other colors for your Loadout

The best color combination for a white Loadout is probably orange. You should use all of the Asiimov, to get a perfect white and orange CS2 Loadout. If you don’t like orange, you can also go for red or blue. For red we suggest you take a look at the Cyrex skins, they are red, black and white. For blue we suggest you take a look at the AK-47 | Vulcan and the Bright Water knives.

White CS2 Loadout with stickers

Your white loadout is not looking perfect, if you don’t put some good looking stickers on your skins. Take the P250 or MP-7 | Whiteout for example. This skin just looks beautiful when you put 4 different stickers in bright colors on it, usually red, yellow, blue and green. You could put Astralis or LGB (red), Cloud9 or CLG (blue), Flipsid3 or Optic Gaming (green) and NaVi or Fnatic (yellow) on your white skins. Here is a great looking example that someone sold:

P250 Whiteout with Stickers